Skrekas: Industrial production has returned to pre-crisis levels

The country’s productive base must be developed to ensure sustainable rates, according to the Minister of Development’s statements, at the conference of the Pan-Hellenic Exporters Association, while pointing out the effort to maintain the growth rate over time. In particular, Costas Skrekas stressed that since 2019 industrial production has doubled and has returned to levels prior to the crisis while the trends of further development are evident and added that “the conditions have been created and investors come but needs more work and we continue to do so.” In this context, he added, the ministry’s effort focuses on the following areas: Reducing bureaucracy with a new information system so that a new business can start from the investor’s office. Organized receptors will be industrial and technological parks Utilization of Community funds New criteria in development law (for innovation, ESG etc.) Within April the new cycle of the programme “Research – Innovation” begins through which 300m euros will be allocated. As far as human resources are concerned, he said that an in-business training programme is planned to improve their staff skills. Source: RES – ICM