Skrekas: From 20 March the price reduction for menstrual products

The de-escalation of prices in supermarkets continues according to the current statements (6.3.2024) of the Minister of Development, in SKAI. He pointed out that from 20 March there would be a decrease in menstrual prices. As Mr Costas Skrekas said, “We had de-escalation in household cleaners, detergents, personal hygiene products, baby diapers, infant milk (…) 3,912 codes”, and he added “Of course we have products in which prices have been lowered more, and products in which prices have been less reduced.” Regarding baby milk the minister told the SKAI that “we have set a profit margin on companies selling baby milk, and there we saw prices reduced by 15%.” “A company selling baby milk only to pharmacies has reduced the price by 30%” he added.