Skaramaga Shipyards: 474 former employees will work in Navy, STAY, OSH

In the labour developments he referred by letter from the union to his members “The Trident”. As regards employment programs in the Navy, STAY, OSY, the letter from Skaramaga Shipyards mentions the coverage of new jobs of 474 employees and hires via the DYPA. (a) Beneficiaries will be 474 former employees of the Skaramaga Shipyards (including our colleagues at the former IT Directorate), who had an active contract with the PN on 31-12-2023 (474 are all those who had this active contract with the PN). (b) Beneficiaries of the program will be recruited through the DYPA by the Navy and by the companies STAY and OSH. Specifically 130 from the PN to 344 from STATY and OSH. To join the program, former workers should: To be employed in the PN until 31.12.2023 To be unemployed registered in the DYPA digital register (c) The list of beneficiaries will be given to DYPA by the Navy (d) This programme will last 12 months with an extension, if necessary, of another 12 months. e) Entrants will receive gross earnings of EUR 1,210 per month (with net earnings of around EUR 1000,00). Gross earnings shall be deducted from contributions to the insured person. Beneficiaries shall be insured in the EPCA for primary pension, healthcare, ancillary insurance and one-off depending on the specialisation. The contributions to be borne by the insured persons shall be paid by the insured person. DYPA pays the insurance – employer contributions and the Employee Services Tax. For each worker, DYPA shall cost the amount of 1517.82 monthly.’ On aid matters, Triina has known: “The Joint Ministerial Decision (FAA) we expected was published on Thursday 28 March at the FEK (Part B, 1963). It is entitled “Special measures for unemployed former employees of the Anonymous Company under the name “HELLENICAL NAVIGATION S.A.” and in general for those included in c. b. of par. 9 of article 26 of Law 4258/2014 (A’94) A. Provision of exceptional financial aid B. Special employment programme” and signed by the Ministers: NATIONAL ECONOMY AND ECONOMIC – NATIONAL DEFENCE – INTERNAL – INFRASTRUCTURE AND TRANSPORT – WORK AND SOCIAL SECURITY The content of KYA is essentially the same as the DYPA decision that we had informed you with our previous announcement. The issues regulated by the BCA are basically two: Our payment for the quarter of January – March that will be made by the DYPA and our entry into a special employment program through which we will be employed in the Navy, STAY and OSH. Our payment for the quarter of January – March: a) the amount of aid each will receive for the quarter will be 2,700 euros, without reservations. (b) This aid will be paid to employees who had an active contract with the Navy on 31-12-2023, subject to the following conditions: to have the status of unemployed , registered in the DYPA digital register at the date of publication of the CYA and until the financial aid is paid. be unemployed and unsubsidised by the DYPA. Those who have applied for unemployment subsidy or are already being subsidized should apply for withdrawal of their subsidy as we have informed you with our 27-2024 communication. not to be retired or not to have applied for retirement on the date of publication of the CYA. (c) The list of beneficiaries will be given to DYPA by the Navy (d) After granting the list by the PN, beneficiaries included in the list and qualifying shall submit within a time limit set by the D.O.P. A. on its electronic platform application for one-off financial aid to the CSD2 Agency at their place of residence. (e) The fulfilment of the conditions for the granting of the financial aid shall be determined by means of an audit authority, on the basis of the following information: A. and cross-checking with other competent bodies. A competent body for granting exceptional financial aid shall be the Head of the CSD2 of the place of residence.