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Six new footbridges on key roads to the basin from the Region of Attica

The construction of six πεζογεφυρών in key road axes of the Region of Attica, with the objective of the security of the citizens, with a total …estimate 13.000.000 euros, launched by the Governor of the Attica region, Rena Δούρου. In particular, signed the decision of the inclusion of the Act “Construction Πεζογεφυρών in the main axes of Attica” in the Priority Axis “Strengthening the Regional Mobility and Multimodal Transport Links of the Region of Attica ‘Operational Programme’ Attica 2014 – 2020”.
The construction of six new πεζογεφυρών is associated with a high degree of risk for pedestrians in the following points: On Poseidonos Avenue and Avenue Kalamaki (Municipality of Alimos), avenue Avenue and Panormos (Municipality of Athens), in Mesogeion Avenue in the vicinity of the IKA Agia Paraskevi (Municipality of Agia Paraskevi), on the Boulevard of Athens at the height of the Forest Haidari (Municipality of Haidari), the Avenue of Poseidon and Aphrodite (Municipality of Palaio Faliro), as well as on the Boulevard of Athens at the Palace (Municipality of Haidari). The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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