Sin Boy: “I just got out of intensive care” – The photo with the serum after the wild wood at the salon

‘ Everything went well, thanks for your wishes” he writes in his post on Instagram O , informing his online friends that he “came out of intensive care” after the wild he accepted at a salon. Sin Boy was attacked last week, while he was live at TikTok through a hair salon. The video of wild wood at his expense made the round of Social Media, recording two men breaking into the salon and punching the trapper in the face and body. A lot of people talked about a commercial stunt, with his sister supporting statements on a TV show that Sin Boy was in hospital after the attack. “I just got out of intensive care after I was attacked. Everything went well thanks for your wishes,” he writes in his post, posting a photo of serum in his hand. About the wild incident at the salon he spoke on Maria Bekatorou’s show to SKAI his sister. “What should I say first? I’m thinking about my brother getting beaten up. We went to the hospital because I was afraid he might have a hematoma in his head, he’s in the hospital. My mother’s there with him now. His head hurts, he gets dizzy. I have never experienced this thing before,” he said initially. He then described the attack. “It was live in TikTok, I was back in the yard. Suddenly, we heard noises like things falling, getting hit. My friend says “come on, they’re hitting him”. I come in and I see two full-face crayons. They went straight for him and straight with a fist. He fell down and got kicked. It sucked, his face was red, he was down. He got up dizzy and the girls put him down. We brought him water, I tried to help him, we went to a pharmacy. They ran, went out and started running,” he said.