Shocking testimonies: In what situation the kid is Pheebo? Who asked to see it?

Scared and frazzled but…
in good health, the young Phoebus, whom he had kidnapped his father in early January after the brutal murder of his mother, in Ormylia, Halkidiki, returned to the arms of his grandparents. On Sunday morning, the 4χρονος has been detected while his father, who is accused of killed his wife, he was arrested.
For 18 days, the entire country agonized over the fate of the 4χρονου boy. His father, the 32-year-old Claude Lacey, killed, according to police, his wife in front of the eyes of the eldest son, and then grabbed the small Phoebus and disappeared. However, it seems that despite the information that had been removed from the site, remained or returned to Halkidiki and there was finally arrested on Sunday morning (24.01.2016).
The boy Phoebus was with him. Scared, battered but in good health, and after the arrest of his father, returned to the arms of grandfather and grandmother. The first thing that the 4χρονος just got back to the house he was looking for his mama, describes in newsit.gr Petros Mavromatis, the uncle of the little child and brother of the victim of the murder that shocked everyone.
They took him home to see his brother, Jason, the kid in front of his eyes he saw his father murdering his mother and then the Smile of the Child will take Phoebus to transfer him to a hospital in Thessaloniki, where it will be examined by doctors and specialists, psychologists.
“It’s weathered, αδυνατισμένο, shocked,” said the grandfather of Phoebus, who was in front of the arrest of the man who killed his daughter. “I took him in my arms, I was in front of arrest,” he said.
“It’s okay, I’ll see a doctor, you go to the hospital,” said a friend of the family, who was also in front of the bust. “I took it from him. He grabbed a friend of ours and gave him to me, I ran to the car and left,” he said, noting that citizens were those who overpowered him 32χρονο a wife-beater of Halkidiki.