Shock for all owners: We pay even for plots with and closed homes!

Shock awaits you in August at least 800.000 owners who have…
real estate assessed value in excess of eur 200 000, and when you see the clearing for the ENFIA of 2016 will find you are called upon to pay from 50 up to 3.425 euros more than last year.
Despite the reductions of the objective up to 30%, the new clearing will be calculated with new rates and other twists that hides the bill of 285 pages brought, midnight Wednesday in the morning Thursday, for a vote in the House of the government.
While the government insist that only 1 in 8 owners will finally see increases, the Panhellenic Federation of Property Owners and responsible executives of the ministry of Finance calculate how many more people will be caught off guard when faced with the statement that will be issued at the end of the summer.
In many cases, medium-sized owners will see that the tax that will be required to pay is three times larger than for the previous year.
And this is why the provision was included in the omnibus bill reduced the tax-free threshold, the additional tax is eur 200 000 eur 300 000, while at the same time, the scale of calculation of the tax becomes more onerous.
And as if that were not enough, the economic team decided to incorporate the supplemental tax and the parcels.
So come out losers:
– Taxpayers who own real estate assessed value in excess of eur 200 000. The charges for those taxpayers arise with the reduction of the taxfree threshold the additional tax of 300,000 euros to 200,000 euros and the increase in the rates of calculation of tax up to 200%.
– Owners for the first time will pay an additional tax for the parcels. This means that this year will be a greater number of taxpayers who will be caught in the “pincers” of the additional tax.
– those who own real estate that moves between 400,000 to 600,000€. Taxpayers, they will see the “account” of ENFIA to increase by 150% to 325%. For example, a taxpayer who is in possession of properties worth 400,000 euros in addition to the main tax ENFIA will be charged and additional tax of 100 euro, which was last year ejected the 425 euros this year (an increase of eur 325).
– Owners that have spaces and non-powered properties. The bill does not include the discount at 20% which had been in the ENFIA by 2015 the owners of gaps and non-electrified buildings.
-Owners of land. The coefficients of calculation of the basic tax for land increased by 23-25%. This means that in many areas did not reduce the objective values, or decreased symbolically, the increase in the tax burden is double, and the increase in the coefficient plot, but also by the increase of the scale of the additional tax.
Equal winners, only those who have houses in areas where it has dramatically decreased the objective value. However, there are many areas where, while it decreased the price zone, there is no difference in the ENFIA, because they remained in the same bracket price zone. For example, in the municipality of Papagou the price band was reduced from 2,500 euros/sqm in 2.050 eur/sqm but the price of ENFIA per square maintained at 6 euro.
Respectively, a housing in Larch continues to be charged with 4,5 euro / t.m. despite the fact that the price of euro fell from the 1.950 euros 1,600 euros per square meter. On the other hand, there are areas where the change of the price band, brings reductions in the ENFIA more than 20%. In the relevant list υπάγοντα the exact areas of the municipality of Holargos, Halandri, neo Psychiko, of Kallithea, Vrilissia etc.