“She’s gone” from the life known Ελασσονίτης businessman

“She’s gone” from the life, last night, in the Hospital of Larissa, at the age of 72 years, the well-known Ελασσονίτης businessman and …
partner – agent of the newspaper “FREEDOM” in the broader area of the Province of Elassona, Ulysses C. Triantafyllou, after serious health problems he faced last time.
The deceased, a man of the market of Elassona, a person low-key, noble and gentle, maintained for many years the family big business fridge as well as the history bookshop – newsagent “Triantafyllou”, “point of reference” for the purchase of the road Venizelos and for the square “Σιταροπάζαρου”. Tireless and valuable partner of “Freedom”, since for many years, had responsibility for the distribution of the newspaper within the city and throughout the Province of Elassona, on a daily basis.
He was formerly a member of the administration of the Chamber of Larissa. He leaves behind his wife, a gymnast A Δεληχά – Triantafyllou and his son George, a student. The funeral of Ulysses s. Triantafyllou will be today, Saturday at 2 pm, from the Metropolitan Temple of Agios Dimitrios Elassona.
Desire of his family is instead of wreaths in memory of the, the money is to be given in. Metropolis Ελασσώνος, for the relief of the underprivileged in the holy days of Christmas.