Did you know? What are the 8 unknown uses of lemon that’s not even your mind?

The lemon is a fruit rich in vitamin C and its beneficial action on the human body are numerous. How many, however, of these do you know? Below you will see some of the unknown uses of lemon in our daily life so as to make it more “green”.
1. Drink every morning a glass of water with juice of half a lemon to boost your immune system and detoxify your body. It will balance the Ph of your body after the night’s sleep and I moisturize in a natural way.
2. Clean and enhance the skin of your face by rubbing over it slices of lemon or make a scrub with grated lemon peel and sugar. Immediately after application your skin will feel fresh and clean. The lemon bleaches the brown spots of the skin and combats the signs of acne.
3. Pamper your hair with lemon. Use lemon juice as a natural hair mask if you want to obtain lighter hues. Apply the juice on the scalp and leave on for 10 minutes before rinse with warm water. Also lemon juice is an excellent anti – πυτιριδικό.
4. Use the lemon as a natural deodorant. Get rid of the bad smells emanating from the armpits or feet by rubbing lemon slices. It’s a powerful anti – bacterial that will clean and refresh the affected parts of the body. Also after a meal with fish, you can serve μπωλάκια with water and lemon to flush your guests the smell of the fish from their hands.
5. The lemon is a natural bleach for the clothes. Pour half a cup of lemon juice in the water that you rinse your clothes and spread them in a place that sees sun. The light of the sun, combined with lemon juice will make the white clothes to shine.
6. Use the lemon for cleaning your home. Especially in the kitchen and the bathroom, the lemon juice is one of the best natural cleaners. Clean soiled surfaces, such as the bench in the kitchen, or the white appliances, and clear away the germs, leaving a wonderful smell of freshness and cleanliness. You can also take juice of one lemon to the water you mop, but avoid the marbles because it causes them damage.
7. Rub the brass and the stainless steel objects with a lemon to clean and bring out the lovely color. The lemon cleans metal objects, removes the blur gives them a natural glow. Combine lemon juice with baking soda for more drastic results and with a soft cloth rub the objects that you want to clean. Rinse with warm water and Polish.
8. Get rid of the bad smells and greases from the microwave. Place in the oven lemon juice and let it boil for about 5 minutes and then clean the inside of the oven with a cloth. You will see the dirty walls of the oven to be cleaned easily from the fat, and you smell a sweet smell the next time you open the oven.