She revives the model’s beating case by DJ her former partner

The case of the savage known with an international career by her DJ former partner last morning, outside a Glyfada nightclub is expected to revive today in the courtrooms. The 41-year-old, who plays as a DJ in large clubs in Athens and Mykonos, was arrested in the morning of 5 February 2023 for beating as he attacked inside a Glyfada nightclub his former friend who participates in the catwalks of international fashion houses with which he maintained a relationship and after “he beat the crap out of her”, rushed to her current partner, organizer party and bit his ear with the result that they ended up in the Department! The attack by the raging DJ who accepted the London-based model and an international career, took place on the occasion of the outburst of the 41-year-old with whom the girl had a seven-year relationship, but divorced as she stated, because of his violent and abusive behavior towards her. Today, accompanied by Mr. Alexander Papaioannidis’ lawyer, he will pass the threshold of the courts and will be taken to the Autophoros Trimel Criminal Court in order to sit on the stand to face the charges of reviling, threatening and bodily harm to himself and her partner. The wild episode The incredible event occurred shortly after 00.15 of 5 February 2023. The 40-year-old DJ, who has played in large clubs in Athens and Mykonos, was found outside a well-known center of Glyfada along with a young girl with roots from Italy and Colombia. Suddenly he saw the young model that has participated in the catwalks of international fashion houses. On her side, her current companion, whom DJ knew. In fact, information says he was his friend. Suddenly, outside a well – known luxury shoe store, he approached them with wild moods, the blood was lit and then the 41 – year – old swooped on the girl and began beating her ruthlessly with punches and kicks in the face and body. To such an extent that when he arrived at the Glyfada Police Department the model had blood on the face and mouth and desperately sought help. In fact, she also showed some abusive messages she had received from the DJ and three photos that looked like she was beaten. The two men were caught in the arms. The situation got out of hand and then the 41-year-old bit the 33-year-old’s ear to a point where he barely missed cutting off his lobe. Punches in the mouth, punches in the abdomen The 29-year-old model, in the testimony he then gave officers of the Department of Alimu described the setting of her beating outside the well-known shop of Glyfada, where the perpetrator punched her in the mouth and then kicked her belly. He said that in the seven years of his relationship with him he suffered as he beat her, while giving the police three photographs, both of which are older and the third of the day of her beating where she looks hit in the mouth. Which he also certified in testimony of the D.A.P.A. police officer who was called to the scene. The uniform said he saw her have mouth wounds and bleed. The 29 year old for her relationship with the defendant said: “I’m a former DJ and we’ve been divorced since 2021. We were together about seven years. All these years he’d beat me very badly, with his hands on my head and my body kicking. I was so afraid to talk because he threatened me and made me feel like this is normal. I thought it reasonable for him to beat me up in our fight as he was very manipulative in everything and I endured everything he did to me. For these incidents, I have proof that I am operating on you. Ever since we broke up, we’ve kept in general contact, due to habit, and because he’s perfectly manipulating. He made me fear him and have to succumb to what he wants without getting in touch…”. “He bit my ear” Victim of the raging DJ denounces that the 28-year-old companion has also fallen. The 33-year-old in the statement he gave at 04.15 at the dawn of the wild episode at the Police, described that “Today on 5/02/2023 and around 00.15, we were with my girlfriend on the street of Cyprus, outside the shop (p.s. refers to the name of the center), first attacked my girlfriend for no reason, hitting her in the head and I went in the middle to protect her. At first I shouted at him ‘ Stop! What are you doing? You raise your hand to a woman?” and I tried to take him away without hitting him in order not to lose my right. Then he was very angry, and while he was yelling at me, “I’m gonna kill you, man. The one above was snooping at me and bit my ear with strength. My girlfriend fell for us, and she got punched twice from him and kicked her. The police then intervened and led us to the Department.” What dj argued The 41-year-old DJ, after his detection, was initially taken to the Glyfada Police Department and then to the Domestic Violence Department Alimu where the model sued him for beating and abuse. On 04.45 of 5 February, DJ was arrested. The well-known model in a miserable state, as it emerged, had been hit hard in the face and bled from the mouth, while her 33-year-old partner nearly lost a piece of his earlobe to the bite of the DJ who makes a career at the clubs in Athens and Mykonos. The 41-year-old denied from the first moment everything and even claimed that the photos he produced the model are 2018 and have nothing to do with him. He says he has never been violent and did not attack both his ex – mate and her current partner who was also his friend. She repeated that their statements are false, while today she is expected to sit on the stand facing charges of domestic violence after the model’s lawsuit at the Department of Domestic Violence Alimu, for reviling and threatening and bodily harming herself and her partner. DJ’s lawyer Alexander Papaioannidis