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Sending or extrajudicial Melk TO EMPLOYEES WISHING TO THE RACING Criminalisation

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(Title) -court employees who have gone to work retention sent yesterday morning Melk SA, describing the retention of illegal and improper. The move has angered the company’s employees and the Labour Volos, the chairman of which criticized the company and its tactics.
Unjustified missing from their work as employees of the regional projects the company supports Melk, the yesterday morning which sent extrajudicial statement to employees who have gone to work retention by July 26.
The company’s in-court stated inter alia that in June and early July made the payment accrued in the month of March, April and May and asked workers to show understanding for the delay in repayment of their earnings.
the workers withdrew on July 8 statement retention work had started and found to work. Again, according to the company on July 26 handed to the workers represent a statement of retention work by asking their money for the months of May, June, July and overtime, bonuses and back.
The Melk in the extrajudicial identifies the causes of the false statement retention of employees, arguing that his salary was paid May and had not completed in July to make the repayment of unpaid wage claims. As regards the holiday, the company says that is granted when an employee takes leave of pleasure.
In all this the company considers illegal and abusive employment retention and completely unjustified absence of workers from work.
Enraged for anti-labor movement Melk Mr. Vaios Lagodontis, President of the Syndicate Building Magnesia and working in the company, argued that “the company Melk rise again with the attitude and movements, not only workers but also for the entire community of Volos. Sending out of court employees who assert their labor rights has shown its true face ».
Lagodontis He commented that rather than pay off employees who are due to EUR 300,000, the company decided to send them out of court and declare unlawful abusive retention, which he called unacceptable and totally reprehensible.
It should be noted that the company owes to each employee from 2500 up to 10.500 euros.

brazen characterized the administration of Labour Volos and chairman Athanase Papadimopoulos initiate Melk send-court employees, who are in employment taken hostage.
particular the Labour Volos in a statement notes that “a new brazen move, which captures all the dilatory practice, does not meet its financial obligations to the employees of the District, but to keep them every now and then in employment and economic hostage, has the contractor “Melk SA”. The Melk with extrajudicial, indicates the administration of EKV, more or less believes that unpaid workers should not only resign to accept the financial costs, but also to forget their obligations to such company as the latest in-court refuses to recognize the workers’ claims, namely debt for overtime, bonuses, retroactive.
Employees of the District and Labor Volos invite local authorities to remind effectively in Melk that at least they do not tolerate.
«For unpaid workers are NOT holidays Dekapentafgousta and … lazy. There is a lot of anxiety about the fate of themselves and their family is accumulated rage for mockery, but above all, there is a strong claim to stop some business caress the ears and to tolerate abusive tactics, while ordinary wage earner experienced real tragedies, paying the bill as a joke! “concludes the letter of the Labour Centre of Volos.

Dimitra Palaiodimopoulou

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