Self test for colon cancer: He comes to the pharmacies in June

Available from June will be for the colon, according to the design of the Ministry of Health. This is a special test, which detects the presence of blood in the faeces. The self test for colon cancer will be provided free of charge under the Free Preventive Control Programme of the Ministry of Health for all citizens aged 50 to 70 years. Two weeks ago, colon cancer shows an increase in prevalence and mortality in Europe and in our country. In 2020 150,366 thousand new incidents were recorded in Europe in women and 191,053 in men and 68,920 deaths in women and 87,185 in men. In Greece this type of cancer is the second in frequency in women and the fourth in men. With these data, the Ministry of Health is expected to launch a pre-symptomatic control programme for colon cancer (CPC) with the FIT self test first step for approximately 3.8 million citizens aged 50-70. If this self-diagnosing test proves positive, or there is a history of cancer in the family, or other medical reason, then citizens will have access to free colonoscopy. “Today the scientific community has new prevention protocols, including immunochemical screening of faecal (FIT), a self test that can reach every citizen aged 50-70 and who can do so alone at home, reducing the colognes that need to be done as a next step of early diagnosis,” noted Dr. Maria Gazouli, Professor of Biology – Genetics – Nanomedical, Medical School, EKPA and member of the Board of Directors of the Association for Cancer of the Colonial. Colon Cancer: Need for awareness and information The annual OECD report showed that 23% of deaths in Greece are due to cancer, with the estimated impact on colon cancer in Greece being 21 incidents per 100,000 population per year. Fat bowel cancer is a form of cancer “deprecated” in terms of preventive control, while early diagnosis may even mean healing at the same time. With the above data, the creation of a club – representative of the particular therapeutic class, was considered necessary to bridge the gap of misinformation, replacing it with proper health education. “The Panhellenic Association for Cancer of the Pectorus comes to fill a gap in information and prevention for this form of disease and to contribute so that all citizens of our country, wherever they reside, have access to medical advice of gastroenterologist and preventive tests,” said Ms. Anna Exarchea, President of the Board. Panhellenic Association of Cancer Pacheos bowel: in extreme areas the first actions Among the main aims of the new Association are to provide information and resources for patients and their families. It also aims to increase the screening for the purpose of every Greek and Greek woman having access to the examinations. Presymptomatic control will start with actions that will initially take place in border and exact regions of the country. The first planned actions of the Association concern medical information and free distribution of self test FIT (immunochemical faecal tests), the FDA-approved individuals and in full compliance with the respective EU directives. source: – Reportage: Janna Soulaki