Sargiannis on new outbreak explosion: “We may reach 3,500 in mid-August”

“It is obvious that we are already in the 4th wave of the pandemic”

“It is obvious that we are already in the 4th wave of the pandemic” noted Professor of Environmental Engineering of the University of Athens, Demosthenis Sargiannis.

“Based on our own data, I would say that we are in the 4th wave of the pandemic since last Monday, June 28th. We are just seeing it much more strongly now,” stressed Mr Sargiannis, stressing that there had been a very rapid spread of the virus and its three mutations.

Speaking of the increased number of cases, Professor of Environmental Engineering stressed that it is attributed at first level to the relaxation of measures and then to the communicability of the “Delta” mutation.

“What we are experiencing, the transition from the relaxation of measures to the spread of the “Delta” – which will soon dominate, but is still at its beginning – is the result of the relaxation of the measures and the poor implementation of the remaining measures”, noted Mr. Sargiannis, adding that “what we will live will have to do with the “Delta” mutation”.

Making an estimate of the number of cases by the end of the month, Mr Sargiannis said they could reach 2,600 or more. “The weekly average will be 2,600, with a further increase at the beginning of August to around 3,500 cases” stressed the professor of the University of Athens, stressing that the main measure to limit this increase is the rapid vaccination of citizens.

Finally, Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Athens noted that it would be useful to restore the use of masks outdoors, as on the one hand there has been confusion about its use, while the strain of the mutation “Delta” which has increased communicability can be limited by the use of a mask.

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