Santorini Island – Greece

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    Santorini Island – Greece

    If you’re looking for a travel, may I recommend Greece? Scanning through some photos on the internet, I was amazed at just how much there is to visit. The ruinations, the culture, the landscape…. everything! It is a outstanding country, that fits well in beautiful Europe.

    One of the top places to visit is Santorini island at Cyclades.

    Santorini has often been linked with Atlantis, the legendary state that sank to the bottom of the sea. The secret surrounding the destruction of the one & the disappearance of the other has preoccupied scientists for generations.


    The island capital of Santorini, Fira hangs to the edge of a cliff, which is, in fact, the rim of the volcanic crater. It is built on the rim of the caldera thus offering an astonishing view of the volcano. Apart from the sights it has to offer, Fira is the centre of life on Santorini. There are numerous hotels, apartments, restaurants, bars, cafes & clubs to fulfil the visitor, as well as shops marketing folk arts, crafts and pricey gold jewellery.

    I advise you to visit the churches of Agios Minas & Christos, each masterpieces of ecclesiastical architecture, the former with its typical Santorinian dome, the latter with its delicately carved iconostasis & bishop’s throne.


    It is built up at a lower height that Fira, closer the sea, to which it is connected by two sets of cobbled steps. The one to Ammoudi has 214 steps, the other to Armeni has 286. Down at Armeni, stands the small church of Ai Nikolas, guardian of seafarers, a short distance from the coast. Ia hosts a Maritime Museum, a cultural centre, a central art gallery and several traditional Greek art galleries. Many shops trade handicrafts, souvenir, jewellery and other items to assist you recall your travel. Ia is a perfect spot to have a good time in a peaceful vacation.


    The beautiful black sandy beach of Kamari reaches for five miles in length along the easterly coastline of the island. You don’t need to walk far to locate tavernas on the seafront as well as hotels, tourist shops and entertainment spots. A number of water sports are likewise available like water skiing, windsurfing & paddle boats. It is located close to Avis beach, additional black-sand and quiet one with sports installations.

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