Samos: Among Europe’s most quality destinations for 2024

Among the 15 most beautiful islands in Greece is 2024, according to the website of the professional association of Germany ADAC that numbers millions of members of the… Local products, interesting museums, exciting alternative activities, historical monasteries and picturesque settlements create a true refuge for nature, hiking and water sports lovers, according to popular German website At the same time, the 12 most important destinations in Europe that will make this summer unique, is Samos on the travel blog Solosophie. As described in the tribute, “for those who still remember school mathematics, Samos is historically known as the birthplace of the timeless mathematical Pythagoras. It is a real jewel of the Aegean for those seeking a green island, surrounded by crystal blue waters.” After extensive research, the list includes outside the Greek presence and areas of France, Italy, Great Britain, Romania, Switzerland and Luxembourg. “Samos claims a place in the international tourist charter. We use the multifaceted historical, cultural, culinary and thematic tourist stock of the destination, so that in combination with the unparalleled natural beauty, we can project Samos as a place to create experience and live memories,” says the mayor of East Samos, Paris Papageorgiou.