Saints Anargyros: “The police car is not a taxi,” Direct Action told 28 year old

In an infuriating revelation the Live News show went on about the 28-year-old to her former partner. According to Live News’ report the victim of the new women’s homicide in the Aghios Anargyros had spoken to the Direct Action as she feared her 39-year-old ex-partner. The police officer of the “100” to whom the victim called and asked for a police car to come in received the answer: “Ma’am, patrol car is not taxi”. It is recalled that if a citizen is faced with a safety issue or other health problem, he is required to be accompanied by a patrol car. The chronicle The unfortunate woman went the other night late to the NYPD. Saints Anargyron, accompanied by a friend of hers, to denounce the alleged perpetrator for harassing her. She then asked for police protection in order to return home, because she was afraid. She was reportedly informed by the police department that she should either file a lawsuit or inform the 911 Center to handle a patrol car. The girl asked to be taken home because she was afraid without filing a lawsuit. Coming out of the police station and reaching the watchtower he was on the phone with “100”. There, the perpetrator who followed her, saw her and attacked her with the knife injuring her fatally and even in the center of Direct Action they were reported to have heard her voices.