Saints Anargyros: The letters of the 39-year-old on 28-year-old Sunday

In shock she watches the nationwide developments in their news, with a 28-year-old falling dead from her former partner’s knife. The women’s murder took place outside the Police Department in Agii Anargyros, while the perpetrator had shown writing samples as he had violent behavior towards the 28-year-old, while Live News brought to the public part of a letter he had sent her. In the letter the 39-year-old says that “I write you this letter because I want you to listen without talking. You erased my trust in you with what you did. You made it so hard. Then you talked me into crying about us being together. I believed you. I told you from the beginning that I had some problems with mental and drugs. It’s the first time I’ve cut them so we could be together. I don’t know if I’ll do everything right.” And he adds: “You never left the relationship in peace. You were taking pictures. Why do you look away when we go out? Why are you lying to me? I told you all about me. But I can, when everything’s fine between us. I kept fighting. No, you’re not my mother like you told me.” And he ends up saying: “But you were the one you said you loved me and you would be here for me and that we would succeed”.