Saints Anargyros: The 28-year-old killer had been arrested for physical harm and drugs.

A police officer’s acquaintance is the 39-year-old perpetrator of the 28-year-old girl outside the police station. The perpetrator of the murder and former companion of the girl who was set up a career at the St.Anargyro police station and cut her life thread with five stab wounds, she has not been seriously injured despite the initial information reported otherwise. In fact, today, he will be taken to the prosecutor who will prosecute him. In addition to the lawsuit filed against him by the 28-year-old girl in 2020 for rape and beating which he eventually withdrew, police and judicial authorities have met him twice more before. The first of these was in 2019 when he had been charged with physical harm and resistance against the principle, while the second when he was spotted by police officers with a small amount of drugs. As far as the 22-year-old service officer who was called upon to handle the complaints of the 28-year-old girl, but also the police officers involved in the case, was ordered SAD.