Saints Anargyros: “No, my girl, I’ll kill him,” says the father of the 28-year-old who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.

‘ No, my girl, I will kill him,” says crying in the father of her 20-year-old victim, who was the perpetrator of the girl’s former companion, late yesterday (1/4/24) the night outside the Police Department of the . The incredible incident of the murder in the Anargyros that the human mind did not fit in with, while the girl had reported the 39-year-old man to the police officer of the Western Suburbs of Attica. After getting the answer that there is no patrol car available to escort her home, then the 28-year-old came out on Republic Avenue heading home. A few meters after the entrance of the building of ELAS and close to the outpost in which the purpose was located, her 39-year-old former companion had set her up. There he stabbed her fatally and then injured himself. The girl’s father who was informed of the tragic incident by still cannot believe the evil he found his family. “You’re kidding is my daughter. No, you guys are telling me. My daughter is dead? I’m going crazy. Oh, man. Nobody told me anything. Then the tragic father refers to his daughter’s relationship with her killer. “They had recently broken up. They broke up, they got back together, they broke up again. He wouldn’t talk to me. I told her now that you broke up, come home, girl, you don’t have to tell any more stories,” says the 28-year-old’s father. And it adds: “No, Dad, I want to be alone, I’ve grown up and I want to get by. She had him all these years, the lazy guy, feeding him, going nowhere for work. Her mother told me she was hitting her. She had never mentioned it to me herself.” Continuing the girl’s father, he says he read the news last night on social media the news, however although he thought that the victim might be his daughter, however he did not want to disturb the 28-year-old. “I was asking her you’re okay, you’re having fun. Yeah, he told me we were having fun. The last two months they were apart didn’t live together. I think it’s a lie I don’t believe it yet. I saw yesterday that something tragic happened again, a womanicide. That she was stabbed and killed outside the station. I thought about it and I say, like. And because it was late, I said don’t call her, I’ll call her tomorrow in the day.”

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