Saints Anargyros: “He flew before me, I froze and I didn’t have time to react” testified the friend of the unfortunate 28-year-old about the killer

The 28-year-old girl who went to the police station in front of his eyes, was shocked by the friend of the unfortunate girl who went with her to the police station to ask for help and protection. Unfortunately, the girl’s worst fears came true… “She flew in front of me, I froze and I didn’t have time to react and shouted for help” reportedly the girl’s friend testified to the police, describing her brutal murder in the Anargyrus, outside the police station. The killer the girl had been in a relationship with for years was suddenly thrown out of the police station. Both the girl and her boyfriend who accompanied her didn’t have time to do anything! It is the moment that according to the descriptions that have seen the light of publicity, the perpetrator began to stab the 28-year-old, who soon afterwards left her last breath.

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