Saints Anargyroi: “He was shooting at her and yelling at her I would kill you” describes an eyewitness to the murder

“She was chasing her with a knife and screaming I would kill you,” she says in, an eyewitness to her fierce 28-year-old by her former partner outside the police station. The moments of horror experienced by the young woman who received five stab wounds from the 39-year-old man with whom she maintained relationships and divorced some time ago describes a resident of the area. The eyewitness of the time of the murder in the Aghios Anargyros descended from the bus and became an observer of the heinous criminal action. “I was getting off the bus and I heard the girl scream “I’m taking threats to my life she’s after me”. Suddenly I saw a man running on the bike,” the eyewitness tells and continues to add: “The man who was on the bike chasing the girl for 100 meters screamed I’ll kill you”. The 39-year-old, as the eyewitness says, managed to get to her on the bike and what he put out in response stab wounds. As far as the police officer at the time was concerned, the eyewitness claims he did not leave the outpost. “Nobody reacted”. According to police authorities, the perpetrator who has been arrested is being treated in a psychiatric hospital, while today he is expected to be taken to the prosecutor.