Saints Anargyroi: “He doesn’t remember saying that the police car is not a taxi,” says the police officer in Direct Action

Her phone center police officer who spoke with the 28-year-old who was brutally murdered by her former partner outside their Police Department on Monday night (1.4. 24), is under investigation by EL.A. and is now faced with criminal and administrative responsibilities. The “100” police officer to whom she asked for a police car to come answered: “Ma’am, patrol car is not taxi”. According to Live News, the man who was in Direct Action and spoke with the 28-year-old fatal night, was serving in a police station in Athens and joined Direct Action in October when the call center was re-enforced. The policeman was asked by his colleagues what the phrase he said to the unfortunate girl “is not a taxi the police car”. His answer was that he said it in the tone of the word, he doesn’t remember it and he said it because the picture he had was that the danger was in her house and not in the department. As far as the guard is concerned, he was inside the pod, and as he said, he didn’t realize there was any tension. “The patrol car must protect the citizen” “The patrol car must be done whatever it takes to protect the citizen,” stressed the president of the Association of Southeastern Police Employees, George Kalliakmanis.