Russian cannibal killed with an aged axe and ate his heart

In the hands of the police is one accused of “eating the heart of a retired person” after first “killing him with an axe”. 47-year-old Erkinzhon Abdurakhmanov intended to cure his own “heart problems” after making a deal with the devil, as he claimed to the police. He visited the 65-year-old retired in the Kuyurgazinsky area of the Russian Bashkortostan district and hit him three times with an axe, according to local media. Then the former army reserve cut his heart and “eat his meal” as he waited at a bus stop. He then gave remnants of the lifeless body to a woman who also waited for the bus “and asked her to bury them! When he later went to a store to steal alcohol, the shopkeeper notified the police, resulting in him being arrested. The man told police that “the devil ordered him to kill a man who had previously made an agreement with him, so that the dead man would go to heaven.” WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: Erkinzhon Abdurakhmanov, 47, intended to Cure his own heart 29 “after making a reality with the devil”, he told police, as he was caught for targeted murder — Daily Star (@dailystar) Against Abdurakhmanov, who confessed to the gruesome murder, a felony charge was brought for homicide, Mash reported citing police authorities. The “Satanist” is the father of a child working as a builder, the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda added. The prisoner’s mother said she had noticed a change in her son’s behavior and how she is ashamed to share the same name with him.