Russia: Ukraine hit with drones industrial zone 1300 km from the border – 13 injured

Tatarstan’s industrial zone was hit by Ukrainian, crossing a distance of nearly 1,300 km from the Russian-Ukrainian border. The objective of the Ukrainian drones attack was double: one of the largest oil refineries in Russia and an assembly plant of Iranian construction of unmanned Shahed aircraft, used almost daily for attacks against Ukraine. A source adjacent to the defence sector of Ukraine, when asked by the French Agency, confirmed that it was a “GUR operation” , i.e. the military intelligence service, which has previously assumed responsibility for many such attacks on Russian territory. “A drone attack took place this morning (2.4.2024) against Tatarstan factories located in Jelabuga and Nizhnekamsk,” Tatarstan’s head of Republic, Rustam Minihanov said. He even argued that no serious damage was caused and the operation of the factories was not disrupted, without specifying what was produced in them. Ukrainian defenders hit strategic targets deep in the horror of the Russian terror state. Strikes were made on Russia’s third-largest oil refining as well as a drone factory in Yelabuga, Tatarstan – 1,300 from Ukraine. — Michael MacKay (@mhmck) On the contrary, Tatarstan’s health ministry spoke of 13 explosion wounded, noting that they are all students and both of them are minors. Eight are treated with slight injuries and their lives are not threatened, he added, in a post on Telegram. It was one of the deepest attacks by Ukrainian drones on the horror of Russia — Reuters on UAV strikes on oil refining in Tatarstan The Taneco oil refining is one of the largest and newest in Russia, journals write. Its production capitality is about 360,000 Barrels per day. — Devana 🇺🇦 (@DevanaUkraine) Ukraine often launches drone attacks or organizes sabotage in factories, rails or refineries on Russian territory, but it is rare to hit infrastructure at such a great distance from the front. Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian army “trying to minimize and then completely counteract the threat” of Ukrainian wounds in Russia.