Russia: Soviet Pop ‘Queen’ Ala Pugachiova is at risk of being described as a foreign agent

Prosecutors asked the Justice Department to designate Ala Pugachiova, the pop queen over, “a foreign agent. Pugachiova, 74 years old today who was a symbol of the Soviet Union and of the post-Soviet era, has criticised Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Pugachiova is one of Russia’s most famous personalities, who know her throughout generations about her songs such as the 1982 “million red roses” and the 1978 film “The woman who sings”. In the past he had been honored by President Vladimir Putin and his predecessor Boris Yeltsin. When Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union died in 2022, Pugachiova praised him for bringing freedom and was against violence.

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