Russia: Rescue Operation Stopped 13 Workers Locked in Gold Mine in Fear of Collapse · Global Voices

The rescue operation of the 13 workers who have been trapped since 18 March in the district of Amur in the Russian Far East was stopped. The decision to stop the rescue operation was taken after a rock collapse, broadcast the TASS news agency citing gold mine managers in Russia. According to the same source, the operation stopped due to fears of a new collapse. This gold mine, called “Pionnier”, is located in a relatively remote area at the eastern end of Russia and is one of the largest in the country. It is located in Amur district, which borders China and is approximately 5,300 km east of Moscow. Thirteen miners crushed after a rock fall in a gold mine in ‘s Amur region. The accident Occurred at the Pioneer Mine, one of the largest gold Mines in Russia based on processing capitality. — DD News (@DDNewslive) Mine accidents in Russia are often and often associated with the loose application of safety rules, poor management, corruption or obsolete equipment.