Russia accuses US of trying to involve presidential election

Vladimir’s external information service Putin accused today of trying to get involved in the presidential election in . Still Russia argues that the US is making plans even for cyberattack in the online voting system in the presidential election. Putin, who is almost certain to win the presidential election held between 15 and 17 March, has warned the West that any attempt by foreign forces to engage in the vote will be seen as aggressive action. Russia’s SVR External Intelligence Service said in an announcement that it has information that US President Joe Biden’s government began to mix in the election, state media reported. “According to information received from the Russian Federation’s External Intelligence Agency, the government of J. Biden assigns a mission to American NGOs to achieve a reduction in turnout,” SVR reportedly said. “With the participation of leading American experts in Artificial Intelligence (IT), cyberattacks are planned in the remote electronic voting system, which will make it impossible to count votes of a significant percentage of Russian voters,” SVR said. The SVR, the principal successor to the First Division of the KGB External Intelligence Service, did not present any evidence supporting its claims. There’s no reaction from Washington.