Roots for Cocota: His family goes through a Calvary

“It makes sense to be Trajana Anania in shock, she had Dimitris Kokotas at her feet,” she said. In the show “I Love Sou Kou” and Alexander Ruta spoke Stathis Schizas and Malou about Dimitris Kokotas’ health adventure and the shock suffered by Trajana Anania, who had the singer at her feet until the severity of his condition was clarified. “We were in the change in rehearsals where we came down and Dimitris Kokotas and Trajana Ananias came up to sing. We walked in and saw Trajana who had him on her feet. The happy thing about this unpleasant event was that he had not lost consciousness 100% and could explain to us what he feels because we had an open line with the EKAB. They were asking us about the severity of the situation. Fortunately, they came straight in and put oxygen in and were very direct. It makes sense that Trajana is in shock. After she had the man on her feet. His family’s going through a golgotha. We are sure everything will go the way it should go,” Stathis Schizas originally said. “We haven’t bothered Trajana. We learn from around as much as we can about Dimitris as we can. I hope it is an event that will leave and remain a bad memory,” Malu then said.