Risks of gambling IN GREECE

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(Title) some time, especially in recent months with great intensity, with billboards and listings in print and electronic media to advertise gambling in which players participate in the Internet, and be carried out by companies based abroad often, uncontrolled and untaxed. Also, private companies engaged in legal gambling in Greece advertise their goods in any way, without restriction and control, seeking to attract customers with different offers. Even the ads state OPAP contains no warning about the risks of gambling, nor is there a serious test for the participation of minors in the games of OPAP.
He is now common knowledge that gambling causes addiction, help increase in crime, specifically encouraging the development of circuits usury and fraud, leading people to financial ruin. Especially in gaming conducted by the Internet is impossible to verify the age of the players and take measures to protect minors.

Studies carried out by scientific institutions and government agencies from European countries Union confirming the dangers posed by gambling and the need for measures to control and containment. The information contained in these studies show that an increasing number of people with dependency and decreasing the age of dependent people. Indeed, the Court, by repeated decisions (C-275/92, C-447-08, C-448/08 and C-42/07), excluding gambling, particularly those conducted online, by regulations on free competition and confirms the right of governments, either to prohibit or to preserve the monopoly of the meetings. According to the Court may be held inadmissible “to reap private profit by exploiting a social shock or failure of players and their misfortune».

In several EU countries, such as Sweden, Portugal and Germany, the State takes measures to protect citizens, especially young people. Cyprus is planning to take similar measures in the autumn.
The same time that the Greek government is idle, private enterprises and interest groups such as the Union of Greek Casino seek, under the pretext of combating fugitive from foreign companies to operate in this very profitable area.

asked Mr Ministers:

intend to prohibit gambling over the Internet;
intend to set standards for the advertising business casino and Lotteries, that it be limited to the disclosure of conduct, without praised gambling and should strive to attract players, and banned several offers, including free transportation, drinks, etc.;
intend to take steps both in ads and at venues of gambling, whether Casinos are either agents of OPAP to be informed about the chances of players, and identify risks from participating in gambling;
intend to take steps so that it can prevent access to gambling addicts by people gambling;

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