Rhodes: Convicted AIDS carrier who stuck his partner

The focus after the decision on his 41-year-old carrier. The man was accused of deliberately transmitting the disease to his 50-year-old ex-girlfriend… The 41 – year – old AIDS carrier was convicted, after his former mate’s claims were accepted. He accused him of deliberately getting back at her. The woman had described to police officers and court the facts, with the case becoming a central topic of discussion in Rhodes. The defendant had been arrested and taken to the Korydallus prison mental hospital. Following a criminal negotiation and ratification by the Mixed Jury Court of Kos, a six-year sentence was imposed on the 41-year-old temporary prisoner at the AIDS Corydal Prisoners’ Psychiatric Institution, for heavy intended physical harm following a 50-year-old ex-partner’s lawsuit. The defendant is alleged, in particular, that while he knew as early as 2003 – 2004 that he was a carrier of the infectious disease, he did not inform his partner. According to the same information, 50-year-old reported on 24 August 2022 to the Rhodes Department of Security, that her 41-year-old transmitted the disease deliberately. He even testified that he was abusive and vindictive. As the 50-year-old claimed, during their partnership she wanted to provide her with a life that he could not support financially, so she decided to open up a neighborhood store for which she took control. As he said, a year and a half after its operation he discovered that the company had debts of 25,000 euros and from that day the problems between them began to separate. According to dimokratiki.gr, when the defendant was asked by the interrogator about messages sent to his former partner with the phrases: “You will pay to be sure”, “Welcome to the new world”, “Don’t bother me again”, “Now pain as well as me”, “When you understand, it will be late, but I will giggle in the end,” “You have great Calvary”, “You don’t want to, now it’s too late,” he admitted that he sent them, claiming he did it in his panic after they broke up.

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