Restaurant fire Trikalinos in Germany

    Fire broke out at the Greek restaurant…
    Akropolis Sotiris Μανάφα in the austrian city of Baden.
    The incident happened at 4:30 in the morning last Wednesday with 50 Firefighters and 2 vehicles thrown into the battle with the flames managing to put the fire under control before it extended to the upper floors of the building.
    “We were able to deal with it, fortunately, in a timely and fast the evolution of the fire,” said the head of the fire-fighting forces Martin Geiger of the region Baden-Weikersdorf. “Most of the residents of the building were asked to leave for a while their houses for security reasons, as also have been reported that there was no one injured because of the direct intervention of 50 men of the fire brigade”.
    In accordance with the special police who did the autopsy in the morning of the next day, in all probability, the cause of the fire was a fault which probably occurred in the cash register of the restaurant.
    The outcome of the incident could be much worse ,according to the experts, but fortunately due to the quick fire brigade intervention, the damage doesn’t expanded more.
    In a statement to the austrian website the owner of the restaurant mr. Sotirios Μανάφας hailing from the Rocky said the following: “my wife left the restaurant at around 1 in the evening. At around 4.20 in the morning local time, someone περίοικος noticed the fire and informed in a timely manner the fire-fighting forces. In spite of the seriousness of the situation, I’m glad nothing happened to hurt anyone-resident and the damage is manageable,” said the Μανάφας.
    The restaurant will be closed for three weeks.