Resonant silence of the government in a stab in the back of the central banker

    Writes the ΜαγιαΓια second day keep says nothing yet and the governmental “circles,” in απροσχημάτιστη… attack that unleashed the “taliban” of the Memoranda, repeating the lame arguments of today’s memorandum opposition: “The “brave negotiations” conducted by the ex-c.c. the ministry of Finance, Nikos Θεοχαράκης with Yanis Varoufakis”, that is, the government SYRIZA-independent greeks, led to the changing of the name of troika to institutions, and they moved the troika of the ministries in the “Hilton””. While, “have a cost”, which of course amounted to 86 billion. euro: This was the third Memorandum and the restrictions on the movement of capital imposed after deposit outflows of € 45 billion. euro”.
    The delirium of Jan. Stournaras, a fanatical follower of the tactics of being a good student and subordination, which he served faithfully the hard core of the neoliberal strategies, coincides with the deposit to a vote in the House of the infamous πολυνομοσχέδιου, which threatens to further impoverishment of the society, so that in the Eurogroup of the Third, there are the conditions for the completion of the first evaluation, in order to give the “green light” for the disbursement of the dose and to take a decision for some form of debt relief.
    To remind the …λωτοφάγους that, in March 2014, SYRIZA had tabled a motion of censure against the then minister of Finance, Yannis Stournaras, calling it the “main executor of the contract, a death in the Greek society and Greek citizens”. As well as a couple of the many announcements of the Festival:
    – “The appointed by mr Samaras a central banker proved that he is worthy of the confidence of the κινδυνολόγου prime minister and not of the Greek people, whose interests undermines brutally”, and
    – “It’s a huge responsibility of the governor of the Bank of Greece, Jan. Stournaras, for the forgeries with which is fed the propaganda mechanism of the New Republic, why jeopardise the safety of the banking system, the deposits and, in parallel, threatening the stability of the economy”.
    Since then, much water has flowed under f groove, until the government look with confidence to the Yan. Stournaras…
    PS. Like the look of things, tomorrow night the House will make the bill state law. Fortunately, they are saved the ruins of salaries and pensions, so as to “get a haircut” horizontal, “soft machine” of indirect taxation…