Reply SYRIZA to ND for Preliminary Review Committee: They just lacked their last excuse.

“The cover-up operation continues, confirming the political equation ‘Michotakis equals Karamanlis, Karamanlis equals Mitsotakis, the cover-up, has a face,” says in a statement who responds to the government’s reaction to the text – a indictment handed over by the main opposition to . By the text SYRIZA asks the ND to vote for the request for a Prerogative Committee, we are simply talking about a move of impress. Syriza adds that: “They just lacked their last excuse.” It also states: “From ‘bring the House a indictment, discuss it’ and ‘on general charges and without indictment, we have no rule of law’, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in ‘after gathering the required number of signatures, bring it to the plenary’ of government sources. From the warm applause to Mr Karamanlis and the government lionisms for his support, to the naughty retreat.” He then explains: “ Half an hour after Kyriakos Mitsotakis received in his hands the indictment that he urgently requested from SYRIZA-PS, he once again threw the… ball on the platform to rescue Mr Karamanlis from the heavy deeds and omissions attributed to him.”