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    (Title)  approaching the moment of great challenge for the national team and Otto Rehhagel, a 24-hour or so before the game against Argentina, says that Greece will have a chance against the gang Messi if the players give 110% of capacity. “We must play our lives!” He told a press conference, the German coach.
    Looking So on Tuesday night (21:30) to overcome the huge mountain Polokouane, Otto Rehhagel calls for passion and militancy, the information just turned out victorious in the international game with Nigeria.
    “We have nothing to lose this game. Just win. They should avoid personal mistakes. We should not repeat the mistakes we made in the first two games. I hope my players to make the golf passion and fighting spirit that was evident in the way we celebrated the goal with the Nigeria. The game is still 0-0. We try to seize the opportunities we face. We face a struggle and nothing else. We will try to cope physically and mentally. I hope to look in the eyes of the opponent. We should be focused and have enthusiasm. “

    The 72 year old German asked for brokers and other Argentinian star and said that Messi is the best footballer in the world, but the whole team has great players , world class. “In Argentina and Brazil football hanging from trees. We know how to use the Milich and Aguero. We should treat them in a group pushing 110% of our capabilities on the pitch. They need to make my players the game of life. We will not disclose how we will try to keep them “
    understood that Otto Rehhagel declined to mention the racing footage is up. “We will announce the lineup players three hours before the game. I say that all players could play and no matter who will eventually play “

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    The Science of Humanity: Tongues, Stones, and Bones is the theme of this years Anthropology Lecture Series hosted by Falvey. Lowell Gustafson, Ph.D., professor of political science and associate dean of social sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, will host the first lecture with his presentation, Speaking Up: The Origins of Language on Tue., Feb. 10, from 1:00 to 2:30 pm in the first floor lounge of Falvey. Linguistics, or the study of language, is one of the main sub-fields of anthropology. It is also one of the most important things that define what it means to be human. Many languages are spoken around the world, and which language we speak, be it French, German, Chinese or Arabic, can often serve to divide us. However, the fact that we have language is common to virtually all human beings. But what is language? When and how did it originate? How did it reach the highly sophisticated level it is at today such that it significantly distinguishes humanity? Why did human beings start to speak up in the first place? Dr. Gustafson will offer insights and answers into these questions. Dr. Gustafson has been teaching at Villanova University for the past 23 years. He offers classes in political anthropology, Latin American politics and international relations. His research interests focus on the same areas This is the first of three presentations that make up the Anthropology Lecture Series for the spring semester. Video Rating: 5 / 5

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