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(Title) Cost savings of over 55% compared to last year, amounting to 51,381,285.31 euros announced that it has achieved the EOT in the first half of the year.
The agency stated that the renegotiation of rent paid in reducing the rent for the building that houses most of its services, Felt Street, 30%. Also, the rent for the property rented by Amalia Avenue fell by 43.5%. The benefit amounts to 539,161.92 euros each year.
In addition, the draft tender for the procurement of supplies and services now posted online. According to the EOT reduction reached 66% (EUR 5,891,204.90) to supply various types – supplies, 14.47% in cleaning costs and 20% on telephone costs.
Regarding the visibility of the organization, announced that saved three million euros (down 21.27%) in construction costs and stands in the cost of operating expenses of international exhibitions abroad.

The notice stated that the new administration has committed public relations ” questionable targeting and efficiency, of 12.5 million, part of which is outstanding because of the excess of the approved appropriation of 6.3 million euros. In the first half of 2010 have committed EUR 152 thousand euros. “All expenditures for public relations ESO submitted for approval by the Board of the Agency – of whatever amount, and approved unanimously, it does not relate solely to actions by direct reciprocal benefits for tourism.” Outlined in the statement.

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