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    (Title) GPS tracking devices affixed PPC heavy vehicles to monitor their movement in the mines in Kozani, became “red flag” for the union of the enterprise. The latter company organized for the “demolition” of the device from the vehicle, complaining that the administrators are trying to install the “Big Brother” in mines, in violation of their personal data. The officers of the union “Spartacus,” which took the decision, arrived Monday afternoon at “hard”, where lorries park, and after informing the employees, “dismantled” a GPS device from a vehicle and the main antenna serve the system. “This is a decision in our view unlawful an” Big Brother “, which was erected without informing employees,” said the ‘Nation’ the president of “Spartacus” C. Adamidis, and invited PPC to install similar systems in light vehicles moving outside the mines, especially the 4×4 transporting business executives in the towns of Kozani, Ptolemais, and not just with or without reason, as he said.
    In the union of the enterprise, monitoring the movement of these machines is the work performed by supervisors and foremen, and the real goal of GPS is the further intensification of work.

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    23 -7-2010

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