Red Bull Cliff Diving: Have you seen dives from… 27 meters?

Three whole days with the world’s 24 best Cliff Divers reaching speeds of 85 km/h. from a height corresponding to an 8-story apartment building! The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series after 13 years returns to Athens, the first location ever to become final of this world championship, in 2009. The picturesque Lake Vouliagmenis becomes the first of eight stops in the event’s world tour, which this year celebrates the 100 stops since its launch. The global event will take place from 24 to 26 May, enabling the public to enjoy a lot of exciting diving action from a platform – 27 meters tall for men and 21 meters for women… and not only. First stop Athens For 3 days Lake Vouliagmeni and the idyllic landscape around it will become the ideal setting for incredible Cliff diving action. However, you don’t have to be just a spectator… and we recommend you take action! Platforms Walks : We give you the opportunity to walk on the platform where male athletes will dare to dive – 27m above Lake Vouliagmeni. Do you have the courage to do that? SUP Challenges : If you want something more fun and your balance is flawless, we suggest you grab a board and join the SUP Challenges. What Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is Cliff diving is a top extreme sport which requires absolute concentration and incredible skills – it is about power and balance. Athletes are invited to coordinate perfectly all their body muscles but also to have the absolute spiritual discipline and concentration to perform a perfect dive. In the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series everything counts, not randomly considered one of the most impressive but also difficult competitions. Height, speed, g powers, as well as space sense, timing and physical strength play a huge role. Within seconds, gravity attracts the athlete’s body from a height similar to that of an 8 – story building, surpassing a speed of 85 km per hour. Without any protective, athletes fall into the vacuum performing dives that have been enriched with exciting figures and based on their professionalism and experience, while their bodies turn into single-seat F1., its rules, history, diving styles and more. “Deep” in enthusiasm and feel the adrenaline of this incredible sport, the Cliff diving! !