Receipts from seizures and payments “against” debt to EPKA – Overcome receipts from arrangements

A historical record was recorded from seizures and payments “against” debt debt debt in December 2023. This reveals the data he published today (06.03. 24) the fourth quarter of 2023. According to them out of regulation receipts (i.e. from seizures in bank accounts of debtors outside regulation, payments ‘against’ etc.) were ejected in December 2023 to 92.8 million euro. And not only that but in December 2023 they first exceeded monthly receipts from regulated insurance debts. This overturning of the ‘co-relationship’ between receipts from arrangements and out-of-regulations did not come as a ‘air in the air’. As can be seen from the elements of the CEAO, this trend had been seen since December 2022 when a gradual reduction in revenue from regulation appeared and, vice versa, a gradual increase in revenue outside regulation.

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