Rail: In the adventures of the modernization works of the Northern Peloponnese

Complicated case for the modernisation of the line from the Coast up to the town and port of Patras. On 28 April…
offices of ERGOSE was notified of the new negative decision by the Court of auditors for the contract for the construction of infrastructure in the department of Psathopyrgos-Rio causing a headache to the leadership of the company and the Ministry of Infrastructure.
The next steps will be particularly carefully and in accordance with information from the ERGOSE there is the thought to continue the effort to proceed with the project and go to the case to the full court of the Court of auditors.
Also next week will be sent a letter to the Ministry of Infrastructure in order to decide for himself the Minister if he will refer the matter to the Legal Council of the State.
It is certainly true that the schedules have now been suffocated and lost valuable time. The work is to be funded from the CEF 2 (the second phase of the Connecting Europe Facilities) is the largest current public works project to auction with an amount of 215εκ.euro (amount with VAT).
The scenarios for the fate of the project are many and include the case if you don’t find a solution to cancel the contest and launched a new. However, at the moment it’s just thoughts.
The headache becomes even bigger as the preliminary design of the railway for the next and final section of the PATHEP Rio-Port of Patras has already been delayed and in a document of the OSE in response to a question by mp Nikolopoulos referred to as completion time limit the end of May to follow the presentation of the local society and start the consultation.
Now it becomes obvious that the plans of the Ministry on the western part of the central rail artery of the country will need a new strategy until 2017 will have completed the construction of the section Kiato-Aigio (Rhododendron) and are very likely to see the reopening of the line Kiato-Patras to σαλαμοποιείται.
The flaws, moreover, to operate the line to Patras is large and it will take 4-5 large contracts still have funding from the New NSRF for the completion of the eternal projects that have been started since 2006.
We’re talking about the works of Psathopyrgos-Rio, Rio-Port of Patras, the electrification of Kiato-Aigio (Rhododendron) and the superstructure-electrification Aigio-Psathopyrgos-Rio. But there will be and with the funding if you do not planned these works as it is a requirement of.E. to complete the line within this NSRF i.e. up to 2022 (the NSRF has a horizon until 2020, but there is the rule n+2 which gives a time extension of 2 years).
The city of Patras, which, 10 years ago remains without a railway connection will have to wait at least a period of five years until she saw again a long-distance train to reach the centre and the port of the city.
The damage is not only passenger transport but also freight and the design of the new port of Patras includes the movement of containers, with beneficial results for the industrial area of the region and the wider Western Greece.