QUESTIONS FOR THE FIRE crash in Kilkis where TURKISH NTALMA dragged and killed Soldier of 71st Battalion Engine – Spread the word –

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    (Title)  A few days ago was a tragic road accident that killed a friend and colleague, one serious injury that still struggles for life and injured some others. A military convoy of 71 Engineering Band returned from evening Rentina in Kilkis is the headquarters of the unit. Some Turkish truck lost control resulting in a drift from military vehicles killed a sergeant and a serious injury yet. I mention these facts because, as I noticed the fact, because curiously, it was of view that should be. Unfairly lost a life and death’s door yet a military father and the news came in fine.

    Besides the question of why not heard much news generated a lot more questions that show things like trying some to satisfy. But for the soul of my friend and the fight giving Anthony decided to not let you go so.

    I am writing to the minister, the chief, the generals and military prosecutors and want to look some things.
    To go to education Rentina the regiment was a decision by Brigadier just gimmicky commandos to the degree there. Never again, the regiment had not done, any training program is not included and never again in the past does not happen again. He was sure the bad times, but caused some luck with an arbitrary order. How many military convoys moving unnecessarily Nocturnes to express roads unnecessarily;
    Brigadier gathered all orders to the talk after the accident. I will not talk about the coolness of having people in such sensitivity is absent, but in what he said. He clarified that the brigade is not responsible for the accident! Still fresh blood of his colleagues he had the strength and audacity to relinquish its responsibilities. And I took the bottom line? Finished the investigation? Taken deposits? Investigated event? What he knows and says that there are responsibilities ;;;
    I would like to know if they dared to tell the families of the victims. Could it sees in the eyes of fellow kids? Would tell them and they said to us? I told them that the brigade will stand financially to families ;;;
    Leaning would like to say a few more things. For too long some of our reports and publications trying to awaken some of what happens in the 71 Airborne Brigade and the man who runs. Unfortunately and tragically were right I am afraid this is just the beginning. It is no coincidence that just two days after the accident Commander spoke about “blood to be shed someone” if he wants to stay in the brigade! Brigadier for the sake of image and impress with illegal orders is playing with the security personnel. I will not bore you else you mentioned series of activities carried out with the way I want without the brigadier down and always at the risk of staff. If no will and no one should disguise to look before they lament, and other innocent souls. If you want to look for a prosecutor will find lots of information about what you say. If the situation continues means that no big “teeth” that covers the operator and everyone in the army leadership is to blame for the victims who have been and will surely xanafparxoun !!!


    photo of the accident here.

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    6-8 -2010

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