Pyrros Dimas: Grandma “university”, the second baptism and the difficult years

If he didn’t become an athlete, he’d be a gardener. He waits for his… new raven and grew up with a grandmother right “university”. He talked about everything to and The 2night Show. “I grew up with difficulties but a lot of love. My grandmother was a whole university because she had lost her husband in the Greek-Italian war. She raised four children alone,” Pyrros Dimas told Gregory Arnautoglu about the difficult childhood in Heimarra. YRP He lived with his grandmother, while his parents were in Tirana with his older brother. He stayed in Heimarra until he was 6 and his grandmother only spoke Greek at home. “My grandmother secretly baptized me because she had closed the church because of Hoja. Grandma secretly took the priest. And I was repainted twice in Greece to have paper to prove my baptism. I was oiled by Giannis Sgouros and it went well” revealed Pyrros Dimas. “At some point a coach saw me steal a muscle and says to me, ‘ Do you want to do weightlifting? ‘ He saw something in me, my legs, I guess. Buyar was a nice man, a good man and a tutor. My father hasn’t been to my school since because he knew that if I called under eight I wouldn’t practice. I started reading because I was afraid of getting out of practice. We were playing football at school and at some point when I was 13 and he told me that these two were not going together and I had to decide what to do. And that’s where I decided to lift weights. I come to Greece 19 years old, February 7, 1991. It was my second birthday! I remember leaving Tirana, went Kakavia and came to New Smyrna. I came in ’88 with the Albanian team. The first time I came, I didn’t sleep the whole way. I looked at the trees and they looked so good to me. As a child from Himarra, we saw Corfu, when we saw any light, we said “How could it be there?” It was all in our imagination.” Pyrros Dimas reiterated that “after years you have nothing to prove. You feel this bitterness, feeling Albanian in Greece and Greek in Albania and that feeling kills you. Prove what? Unfortunately stupidity is invincible!”. He also revealed that he once had disappointment, thought of giving up. “At 17 I have played in men’s games and came out second. I’m pissed, I’m crying, I’m down and I’m saying stop everything! Fortunately I had my brother who was a lot of support! If I didn’t become an athlete, I would be a gardener.” Pyrros Dimas recently married his companion, Aphrodite Scafida and now they are waiting for their first child, a little girl. The Olympian and candidate MEP have four other children. “My great daughter is here, Victor and Maria are American studying and Nicholas is here. Everybody does sports, they’ve made him a lifestyle. If anyone wanted to deal with championism, I’d support it. In the early years my parents were “sponsors”, to be well! In lifting weights we now send children abroad as Federation, we try to help our unions and children but we need to do more.” “From the moment I knew Anastasia (p. the first wife of Pyrros Dimas who left life in 2018 of cancer), I should be allowed to say that she is happy to see you happy again. I really don’t know in your mind how you have it, but a man you love and he’s so young, you want to continue his life, be well,” Gregory Arnautoglou said. “Morning shows said my children were upset with my marriage, I said that at the beginning of the relationship with Venus there was a difficulty with the children, it was not easy when a child had lost his mom. I said in an interview that the kids when they found out about my relationship with Venus were upset. That’s slowly passing. They are some things that want balance,” replied Pyrros Dimas.