Pyrros Dimas and Panos Dimakis tonight at The 2Night Show with Gregory Arnautoglu

A and chaser Panos Dimakis welcomes tonight (01.04.2024, 24:00) o at The 2Night Show. The Olympic champion of Weightlifting, as well as the heart of the Greeks, talks about his life and his choice to deal with politics and the European Parliament. Pyrros Dimas remembers his childhood in Himarra, the coach who approached him, when he was at school because he saw something in him, his parents, who raised him with difficulty, and his brother who was always his support. Why is the day he came to live in Greece his second birthday? Did he ever think about giving up Weightlifting? What did he do when he got the gold medal in Barcelona? What does it have to do with Christos James and Giannis Sgouros today? Why was he smoking four packs of cigarettes a day and how did he stop smoking? He then talks with emotion about Anastasia, the woman who gave him 4 wonderful children and left life in 2018. Finally, he talks about Venus Scafida and states excited about his “coracula”, which will soon come to life. In tonight’s company “The 2Night Show”, comes a guest of Gregory Arnautoglou and Panos Dimakis, the “Geraki” of “The Chase”. Panos Dimakis is the player who managed from his participations in game shows to win 190,000 euros and who has now become his hobby. Does his good memory of his knowledge matter? What game did he win the biggest prize money in? Why did he choose to be called “old man”? What do people usually ask him about his knowledge? Finally, he talks enthusiastically about his book “Chief Kickers”, which became a television series with the signing of Mirella Papakonomou and Sotiris Tsafoulia. “The 2Night Show”: Every Monday and Tuesday at 24:00 and every Wednesday at 23:45 .