Pyros Dimas: I met Venus Scafida when I lost my mother

About his relationship with her, how his children reacted and the little girl they’re waiting for, he talked to a deep confession. Pyrrhus Dimas had had four children with his wife, Anastasia, who left life after a cruel battle with cancer. He met Venus Scafida when he had lost his mother and when he spoke about her to his children, they… were not happy, as he said in an interview on the show “Stitches” at ONE. “My medals are my children. Easter will be the baby we’re waiting for with Venus Scafida, she’ll be a little girl. I’ll have three daughters and two sons, I won’t go sixth. Three of my four children are in America. Helen’s married there… The kid’s here with me. All my kids’ studies are hard. This is what we decided with the angel Anastasia to give our children education, because you take education from home,” said Pyrros Dimas about his children. Referring to his children’s meeting with Venus Scafida, Pyrros Dimas revealed: “When I was having an affair with Venus, I spoke to my children. I told them there was a man who made me happy. You have to communicate with your children. Not everything’s pink. It’s never all pink. We met, we went out. I can’t say they accepted it with great pleasure. But it’s normal. There are some things that take their time, and I wanted my time. In 2017 I had lost my father, in 2018 I lost Anastasia, Venus I met her when I lost my mother and you say that God sends you a man at the most appropriate time to stand by you, to care for you, to look after you.”

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