“Put your little hand in…”: SHOCKING description of her brother 37χρονης – Shocking what you heard in the video with the 8-year-old niece of

Really creepy and shocking are the details that describes the…
Nikos, her brother 37χρονης defendant for child pornography, which allegedly put the just 8 year old niece making out and filming.
Nikos brother-in-law and uncle of the small having seen the video on her phone his sister says, for what shocking sounds:
“Yeah, I’ve heard the video, I have seen it.
What you said is, to say these words, out of her clothes, to the hand of the…
Mainly telling her to make some moves up her body”.
To the question if what you heard is weird he mentioned that refer to pornographic material and that was not right.
To remind, as wrote earlier in the tempo24.gr, how προφυλακιστέα was after the plea of the coroner in the 37χρονη who videotaped the 8-year-old niece making out.
The 37χρονη, is a sister of the mother of the teenage girl and she stayed several hours with her to look after her.