(Title) their anxiety about the operation of the Hospital of Rhodes, the governor expressed the Foundation’s Michael Red and the employees at the institute, lodging in Rhodes magistrate in the judicial inquiry ordered by emergency The Attorney Rhodes on the situation at the hospital.
    was preceded by a reference to the prosecutor of workers, which they depicted the gloomy situation in nosokokomeio. The main problems, as reported by workers are:

    ** The psychiatric ward in June 2009, a year ago, has left no psychiatrists.
    ** Neurological Clinic of us by May 2010 was left with a curator B neurologist, leading to “merge” of-the elegant version of the word “put lock” – with the medical clinic of the hospital.
    ** The hospital pharmacy ” works “by October 2007 without permanent pharmacists. Currently employed in a pharmacy: a pharmacy assistant, as the second left due to retirement and a gunner pharmacy but not at the right moment to come up signing the document by the Army.

    In particular note is ypostelechosi reference to the hospital, but the problem with the settlement of the debts that continuously multiply. The commander of the hospital, Mr Kokkinos said: “I asked the magistrate on the inadequacies of the existing staff at the hospital and the actions taken by the Second DOE Piraeus and the Aegean. The recruitment will be 60 after two years. But what about today and tomorrow? I submitted my anxiety about what happens next. The hospital is now covered by the Prefecture of Dodecanese. Basil Keno, President Doctors Hospital, said: “I talked about medical issues, such as temporary closure of the neurological clinic. This decision was one way, and the director got sick ».
    Lucy Kalamata Workers president, said:” Significant changes for the better, there were almost a month ago we visited the prosecutor. The new procurement system implemented by June 1 “taking in” from anywhere and cause problems in running the hospital ».

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