Protopsalt (DYPA): A new training action of 25,000 unemployed and workers will be launched in April.

“Our goal is, by 2025, 500,000 have been certified in digital and green skills. Already, through the programmes of the Public Employment Service ( ), 260,000 Greeks have completed vocational training programmes and have received certifications.” This was stated, among other things, by the commander of the DYPA and National Coordinator of the European Year of Skills, Spyros Protopsaltis, in an interview with the AIA-ME and noted that in the following period, new training actions of the IMIPA come for a total of 131,000 citizens. As he said, “the funds that will be allocated will only reach EUR 1 billion for training and retraining programmes, while the Recovery Fund as a whole will channel resources of EUR 3.5 billion to Greece for the development and strengthening of skills, aiming at 60% of adults entering a lifelong learning programme by 2030. In particular, the first action will “run” within the next month and will concern the training of 25,000 unemployed and university workers with regard to green skills. In May, the training of 10,000 unemployed and workers, focusing on AI training, and the training of 1,000 unemployed in digital skills (advance digital skills), will follow, while, after the end of training, they are expected to be placed at work. Also, in June, 30 000 unemployed in digital and green certificates will be opened and, as of September, training actions for drivers for 10,000 unemployed and security personnel for 5,500 unemployed will be implemented.” At the same time, Mr Protopsaltis stressed that, in the context of its intention to contribute actively and actively to the more effective combination of supply and demand of labour, with tools that, however, will exceed outdated logics and have an innovative character, proceeded to implement actions in this direction, such as Career Days, the new series of advisory services “Job Ready by DYPA” and “Open Days”. Mr Protopsaltis also stressed that emphasis is also placed on programmes and actions aimed at strengthening the cultivation of “new generation” skills. Finally, in a question concerning the imminent changes in unemployment benefit, the DYPA commander clarified that unemployment benefit would not be reduced, but the aim is to make it fairer, more headstrong and more rewarding. “In this context we are always looking at, in the context of pilot implementation, for the allowance to be increased at first, because sudden dismissal causes many shocks in family planning, as well as changes in the long-term unemployed’s allowance, so that someone who worked for over 20 years and contributed to the system to have the support of the State for a few more months after 12” he said.