Protest FOR FAMILIES OF APPEAL OF THE “UNITED Movement against racism and the fascist threat”

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(Title) worry is the fact that advanced Central and northern States returned refugee families with young children. At the same time is equally disturbing rejection of such claims for political asylum families in Greece.

In an interview, protesting the “Working Together against racism and the fascist threat, Afghan families shown by official documents to confirm the veracity of their claims. In one case two months ago returned from Austria family with the mother is already pregnant and three children aged 13-16 years. In another case, the claim for political asylum an Afghan family with four children aged nine, seven, four and two years. The last child was born in Greece. And the eftachroni Fatme who spoke with shocking mature and well-Greek-for the family, has already spent three years in kindergarten and the only thing that concerns me is to go to school in September to study …

And these tragedies occur while the UN has published the preceding December directive which requires member States to not return refugees to Greece, because the country can not meet its contractual obligations. And Greece accept these returns, and the Dublin II Regulation allows us not to accept such returns to the real that we can as a state to cover the basic needs of such groups. The result is families, adults, unaccompanied minors are sleeping in the streets and starving.

In other respects, Mr. Petros Constantinou complained about the “Safe Athens” of the Ministry of Civil Protection. As he said last Friday the plan took shape with a “pogrom against vendors in the square at St. Nicholas Patisia. The riot police were escorting like fascists screaming hysterically in the stallholders and late neo-starting the Golden Dawn Square St. Panteleimon pogroms unleashed with clubs and knives to oust the vendors. He added: “What will save Athens? The police flower boxes, kidnapping, interception of complicity with the Mafia, torture and executions of Alexis Gregoropoulos”;.

Reference to issue of vendors Mr. Makis Kavouriaris noted that “in neighborhoods close to shops, no street vendors. The shops are closed by the supermarket giants. As for the profits of the vendors, no more than two million from each sale”.

As noted, the problem of Athens was not solved by police action. “You should go to those who can manage their problems. There are places and public buildings that remain untapped. There are social workers and psychologists who remain unemployed. They take advantage. We also have local societies in their turn to take initiatives to accommodate the refugees and their children’s education “.

The Movement has organized for Monday, June 28 protest outside the Ministry of Health seeking to resolve the serious problem of housing the refugees and especially families.

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Image by rafeejewell

Image by rafeejewell


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