Priscu Ice: I was fired from Syriza because I am sister-in-law of Skouretis Panos

A post – a complaint describing everything that happened after she was notified of her dismissal from his accounting department was made by Pagona Priscu. For ten years the accounting officer who is just before retirement argues in her post that she was fired by Syriza for vindictive reasons due to family responsibility as she is sister-in-law of Panos Skourletis. “Today I was fired after ten years of work, without any justification. I was hired to SYRIZA in 2014 as an assistant accountant by the late Mimis Dareiotis. He wanted next to him plus the others, someone-of-trust who’s not a political executive. Very quickly I won his trust. I have worked to this day with consistency, morality and dignity. People have changed, morals have changed,” he writes. And he continues: “So after 10 years of work and a few years before my retirement, I was told by the office of President S. Kasselakis that I am fired without any justification. Desperately I ran down the halls and asked for answers for my reasons for being fired. I met Nikos Pappas, Pano Riga, Giorgos Voulgarakis, Nikos Skorini, Marilisa Xenogianakopoulou former labor manager, the one in the elevator. None of them knew anything, none of them involved.” “In the end, with my perseverance, I met Secretary Svegu Rania, who stood at the door and for a minute, as if I were garbage, told me that she knew yesterday and was my dismissal in the context of the reduction of personnel to reduce expenses. When I replied to her that I was the oldest in the department and that what staff cuts she talks about when daily new recruitments pass before me, she disappeared running.” And he concludes: “My dismissal is a vindictive dismissal due to “family responsibility”. I was fired because I am the sister-in-law of Panos Skourletis, a former minister and MP of SYRIZA and now a New Left executive. I’m sorry about the party I once felt proud of. I am sorry for the president of S. Kasselakis, the “Greek dream-life with dignity” and his loved ones.” See the suspension