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(Title) NO OTHER Karvouni PE Bastard FOR THE EYES OF THE WORLD .. . EXETASTIKES SO YOU FOR Vatopedi, SIEMENS, etc … AND NOT RESULT … until you have taken and the prime ministers were taking the U.S. gift FROM THE SIEMENS AND DO NOT BUT .. go to jail …
What the fuck are YOU SAY NOW ;;;

Proposal for establishment of pre- commission to investigate any criminal responsibility of ministers and six former Secretaries of State of ND, in case of “sacred” exchanges between the Greek state and the Monastery Vatopedio submitted as predicted by PASOK.
The proposal signed by all members of the party, other than members of the government and the Speaker of Parliament, claimed responsibility for investigating tys Petros Doukas Alexandros Kontos, Evangelos Basiakos, Theodore Roussopoulos, Kostas and George Voulgarakis Kiltidis.

Members of PASOK asked to investigate:
* For E. Basiakos, Doukas and Al. Short, possible infidelity, the offense of inciting a simple and synergy with other katexakolouthisi and infidelity on the service category on the false testimony together with the aim of obtaining unfair advantage against the public.
* C. The Voulgarakis K. Kiltidis referred for investigation of criminal misconduct.
* Former Secretary of State, Theodoros Roussopoulos on suspicion of inciting.
The Conference of Presidents of the House is expected to decide Thursday on the exact proposal by PASOK will be discussed by the full House. Following the debate, the Rules of the House will be a secret roll call vote. The proposal must be passed by an absolute majority of its component members.

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Andhra Election War
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National Geographic gives the definitive examination on what really happened during the Watergate scandal.

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About the Topic: The landlocked Caspian states – Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan – lie at the heart of the 21st century’s great energy dilemma: how to satisfy the industrialized world’s huge appetite while slaking the tremendous thirst of the new industrial giants China, India and Russia. Multi-billion-dollar pipelines are being built, planned, or expanded to carry Caspian oil and gas to all these markets. In this presentation, John Roberts, an Energy Security Specialist with Platts will set the ongoing saga of Caspian pipeline politics against the background of global energy security. About the Speaker: John M. Roberts is Energy Security Specialist with Platts, a leading independent source of energy information. His latest study, Pipeline Politics: The Caspian and Global Energy Security, is due to be published in May 2010 by the UKs Royal Institute of International Relations. His reporting career spans over 40 years and he is a frequent commentator on global energy issues on BBC television and radio and an acknowledged expert on Caspian and European pipelines. Mr Roberts has also given testimony to UK parliamentary committees on the Russian and Caspian roles in global energy security and on Persian Gulf security issues. He is a graduate of the University of Sussex (UK) with a bachelor’s with honors in International Relations in the School of African & Asian Studies. Links: Video Rating: 0 / 5

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