Press conference DEPARTMENT.E.E.Th. with the theme presentation of training activities

The αναβληθλείσα press conference of Tuesday 26 January, the Minister of Education, Research and church affairs Nikos Friend will be held on Monday, 1 February (time 1 m.m. Room “Elli Pappa”)
The subject of the interview is the presentation of the training actions planned in the framework of the Cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Education, Research and church affairs, National Centre for Public Administration and local Government, General Secretariat for Gender Equality and the Research Centre for Equality Issues.
The purpose of the above actions is the awareness and the empowerment of primary school teachers in gender issues and gender discrimination, through the acquisition of knowledge and skills related to the promotion of gender equality, the integration of the gender dimension in the pedagogical practices and the implementation of training interventions on gender and discrimination.
In the interview we talk to the representatives of the cooperating bodies: Bright Kouvelas (General Secretary for Gender Equality) Peace Αγαθοπούλου (Research Centre for Equality Issues) Maria Gasouka (National Centre for Public Administration and local Government).